Your name in hieroglyphics on Hand Made Egyptian Papyrus


Translate your NAME or your FAMILY into ancient hieroglyphics, a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians printed on handmade Egyptian papyrus, the first paper in history. The name will be printed in a ‘Cartouche’ just like the ancient Egyptians royalties. The word “Cartouche” is actually a French word meaning ‘gun cartridge’. When Napoleon’s soldiers were in Egypt, they nicknamed this shape ‘cartouche’ because it reminded them of the shape of their gun cartridges or bullets. At the time, people could not read hieroglyphic writing, so they did not know that the cartouche surrounded the name of the pharaoh. ‘Cartouche’ became so commonly used that it has remained the standard name for the shape around the name of an Egyptian pharaoh or queen.
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Size: W 9″ X L 12″ approx