Egyptian Papyrus of King Tut & his Queen


This is a a great quality with vivid color, papyrus of King Tut and his wife Ankhesenamun.

This painting is depicting the young Pharaoh sitting on his throne, while his wife Queen Ankh-tse-amun, is offering him gifts to show her love and affection.

New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, 14 century B.C.

Size: L 11″ X W 8″ approx.

Each painting comes with a personalized brochure that includes the following:

  • Translation of your name in Hieroglyphics
  • A copy of the Hieroglyphic alphabet translated into English.
  • Illustrated Copy of “How To Make Papyrus”
  • Detailed, accurate Historical Background of each painting. 
  • Certificate of Authenticity.

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