Authentic Papyrus Painting of Ramses The Second at War


This is a “Museum Quality”, Best of the Best, Authentic Papyrus Painting, hand-painted, on the finest hand-made, Genuine Egyptian Papyrus. It is painted and signed by the native well-known Egyptian artist Amanda.

This exquisite painting is an exact replica of the 32 centuries old original found in Ramses the Second’s temple at Luxor in Egypt. It portrays the Pharaoh Ramses the Second at War and behind him is Hathor, the goddess of love, happiness, music and dancing.

 Size: L 12″ X W 9″

Each painting comes with a personalized brochure that includes the following:

  • Translation of your name in Hieroglyphics
  • A copy of the Hieroglyphic alphabet translated into English.
  • Illustrated Copy of “How To Make Papyrus”
  • Detailed, accurate Historical Background of each painting. 
  • Certificate of Authenticity.