Who we are

Egyptian Art Caravan specializes in Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Paintings since 1986 and work with famous contemporary Egyptian artists to bring to our customers a rich collection of Egyptian art, hand-painted on hand-made papyrus.

The Owners Nabil and Lina have been proudly managing Egyptian Art Caravan for over 30 years. They first met at a museum in Cairo, Egypt where they shared their passion for art and quickly fell in love. They wanted to spread their love for history and art and began their business importing genuine hand painted papyrus from Egypt to sell to art lovers all over the world!

As a small business, Egyptian Art Caravan takes pride in each transaction, hand preparing each material that comes with each painting and ensuring 100% customer amazement.

We are proud to sell these beautiful paintings at an affordable price, so the entire world can own a slice of history and adorn their walls for all to see.

Our number one goal is to share an experience with our customers. They have the chance to open their hearts to a new culture and add a unique element to their home.

We love to chat with our customers! If you have any questions or simply want to know the history of one of our paintings, feel free to contact us at 407-443-5218 and be amazed by the stories these pieces of fine of art have to offer!

Top 5 reasons you should buy papyrus paintings from Egyptian Art Caravan:

  • They are exact replicas of original paintings portrayed on monuments and temples of ancient Egypt.
  • They are hand-painted on hand-made papyrus by Egyptian artists – just as they were done 5,000 years ago.
  • They are museum quality.
  • They are backed by an accurate historical description of the scene.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.